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Tag: culture

Case Study: Practices of Highly Adaptive Organisations

As part of our research into what makes organisations truly adaptive, we conducted a series of research projects into organisations that have gone through significant change. Our first case study identifies one of the best examples (but by no means the only way) of creating effective change.   Case Study:   A rapidly growing online ...

Humane Organisations: Four steps to creating a great culture

In our research on cultures, we intimately explore what organisations and people view as a great culture to work in. One key attribute that was highlighted through all the organisations we researched revolves around creating more humane organisations. The dictionary definition of humane is “showing kindness, care or sympathy towards others, especially those who are suffering”. Some ...

The top five attributes of an adaptive culture

Whenever a new CEO comes in we get restructured AGAIN. While there are always promises of a culture change, the only things that really happen is we shift from centralised to decentralised back to centralised again.   While a lot of organisations have picked up the language and concepts of complexity and adaptation, our observation ...
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