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Creating Adaptive Organisations through Leadership and Culture

A provocative look at the mistakes most organisations make when they seek to change culture as well as insights into leading-edge approaches to cultural evolution.

Adaptive Cultures explores how and why to build adaptive capacity in organisations, leaving each audience member aware of their personal responsibility in creating healthy, happy and robust organisations and committed to doing something about it.

Building Organisational Resilience

A common response to the increasingly chaotic pace of change and disruption that all organisations face, is to focus on the capacity of the individual to cope and endure.  Adaptive Cultures, in this thought-provoking presentation, asks organisations what they can do to enable thriving and growing rather than enduring and coping. He explores this through the lens of development – how both individuals and organisational systems need to grow up, to adequately adapt to change. Through the madness of colliding worldviews and conflicting requirements, Adaptive Cultures deftly weaves a pathway of possibility – a pathway to the sustainable, thriving organisation.

Leading with vulnerability and the demise of the heroic leader

What are the capacities and capabilities required of Leaders in the 21st Century?  How do leaders and leadership need to transform to meet the more complex challenges of our world today?  What does this mean for all of us?

In this session, Adaptive Cultures explores the changing nature of leadership and why embodying a new kind of leadership is essential if we are to successfully navigate increasingly complex global challenges.   Each audience member is challenged to take up a greater sense of personal responsibility for their areas of influence.

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