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Building Organisational Capacity through Cultural Evolution


Our understanding of change, leadership and development is constantly evolving. Yesterday’s formulas and methods may no longer be relevant. Current world conditions require that we find ways to continually evolve our understanding and methods around cultural and personal transformation.

To evolve to a new stage of cultural evolution, the capabilities, mindsets, behaviours and processes that give rise to a culture congruent with the organisation’s strategic aspirations and reason for being – need to be developed.

The 6 Steps to Building Adaptive Capacity present a useful pathway for developing and embedding new capacities, however, it is important to see these as steps that continue to fold into and integrate with each other, rather than as a traditional or linear step-by-step approach.

The adept culture leader or practitioner understands, at any point in time, where the greatest lever for evolution is. Building awareness is an ongoing process, taking individuals and collectives from initial comprehension of the need for evolution in step 1 to deepening and revisiting this awareness over time. Ongoing changes in external conditions and internal aspirations require building new awareness. In culture and transformation work (which is by its nature complex), we need to
continue to test our worldviews and assumptions and be willing to renavigate as new insights emerge.


We are delighted to welcome culture leader and practitioner, Andrew Gerkens to present a webinar to the Adaptive Cultures Global Community on Wednesday 23 June: “Applying the 6 Steps – An Organisational Case Study”. Recently, Andrew partnered with a newly appointed executive leader to form a global leadership team and build the capacity of the function to deliver on their strategic imperatives. Key themes that will be discussed in this webinar include:

  1. Integration of cultural evolution within the strategic management process and the work of the leadership team.
  2. Use of the Adaptive Cultures Framework and the Six Steps to enable a deliberate approach to strategic Business Partnering.
  3. Embedding of vertical development within the leadership team’s rhythm.
  4. Tailoring of language and tools to support stakeholder buy-in.

We are proud to be growing a community of cultural leaders, influencers, and practitioners around the world. We provide monthly webinars to our community to learn and grow together as culture change professionals.

Many of our community have participated in our Practitioner Development Program, the next one begins in February 2022.


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