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The Adaptive Cultures Framework

Cultures are not static. They are living systems that evolve, sometimes devolve and rarely stay the same.

Culture ideally should enable the aspirations, strategy and purpose of an organisation.

As external market disruptions occur and organisational aspiration and purpose evolves, culture must also evolve in order for the organisation to adapt and grow to achieve its aspirations.

The more adaptive the culture, the more likely the organisation is to be able to successfully respond to disruptions and changes. And, over time, to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted.

The Adaptive Cultures Framework takes us through a culture journey from less adaptive to more adaptive cultures. A greater range of choices means organisations that are more adaptive are also more likely to be able to respond to challenge and disruption and to be able to determine their destiny.

Why evolve?

To be intentional about cultural evolution means to sense into the current and emerging disruptions and challenges in the industry, market, geography and world and what these mean for the organisation AND to be clear about the strategy, purpose or mission of the organisation.

It also means to question the beliefs, structures and agreements upon which organisational life has been built (many of which have been disproven) and understand what current knowledge and understanding about things like motivation, leadership, culture and systems might have us change about the way we currently operate.

Interested in exploring the framework further?

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