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About Us

Adaptive Cultures exists to enable Cultural Evolution for the good of people and planet.

The intention of cultural evolution is to enable individuals, collectives and communities to live their highest potentials, making a positive and deeply humane contribution to their spheres of influence.

We support organisations to become adaptive, agile and sustainable with consideration for all stakeholders.   This includes the long-term and complex impacts organisations have on all the people, environments and systems they touch.

Many culture change and change management practices are not effective in a complex environment.  We apply contemporary practical methodologies which engage leaders on a journey of cultural evolution and change leadership.  This supports organisations and systems to co-create a better world.

The Adaptive Cultures Journey

Adaptive Cultures is a collaboration between Andrew Brown and Alison Cameron. Work in leadership and culture, both inside organisations and as external consultants, led Alison and Andrew to become increasingly frustrated by the prevailing “one size fits all” approach to culture change.
To turn their frustration into inspiration and share their experience and unique insights into what creates truly adaptive cultures, they decided to collaborate on a white paper.
A few years and many cups of coffee later, the adaptive cultures project continued to grow. Andrew and Alison continued to develop their insights with research, application in organisational culture work, numerous interviews with leaders of organisations, and frequent philosophical discussions.
Today they lead Adaptive Cultures as a global organisation supporting a range of complex organisations to effectively evolve through leadership and culture.

How we partner with organisations

The traditional consulting model is based on dependence and growing billable hours. Our unique proposition is to support you to develop culture and leadership capacity internally by sharing our methodologies and IP openly and as a part of our work with you.
We partner with organisations as advisors on culture and leadership and accredit culture practitioners and leaders in the Adaptive Cultures methodology.
The Adaptive Cultures framework is currently being embraced and applied by a number of global organisations as a way of evolving cultures within a complex global marketplace.

Some of the ways we support our partners:

  • advisor and partner to internal culture enablers (Leadership Team, Board, OD and HR practitioners, etc.)
  • diagnostic of current and aspirational culture (online scalable and bespoke diagnostic capability)
  • supporting development and design of a culture strategy that is a key enabler to the business strategy. This can include initiatives, systems, processes, talent acquisition, integration with performance management, and organisational learning approaches among many others
  • integration of culture with leadership development design including facilitation of leadership programs
  • facilitated workshops (board and senior leadership teams, including understanding how to overcome roadblocks to desired change, observing the organisational system, and leadership responsibility for culture)
  • build adaptive and cultural influence capacity across the organisation and in core teams (for example, leadership team/business transformation teams/ internal facilitators/change enablers and advocates)
  • internal accreditation in the Adaptive Cultures approach and methodologies for change managers, facilitators and leaders. This is done with the view to empowering the organisation to continue the adaptive cultures journey beyond our partnership
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